Guests are invited to respect the following rules:

-Donít smoke in the apartment, in the lift and in the stairs of the building (itís possible in the balconies)

-Donít make noise which could disturb the silence of the building.

-Donít seize or spoil objects from the apartment, even in a temporarily way: in case of damage or taking away, the guests will pay a refund.

-The guests wonít have to use their own cookers or heaters or any machines from this type.

-The entrance is not permitted to other people that arenít authorized and registered from ďLa suite di TrastevereĒ; for security and insuranceís reasons, when the guests will arrive, they have to register them through a check-in, writing their personal data which will be communicate to the police.


During the check-in, the guests will subscribe a copy of this rule book (download).


The busyness of our apartment is authorized from Roma Capitale Ė Dipartimento Turismo con protocollo QA/2015/26789 del 12/11/2015.